There are world records for all sorts of bizarre achievements. There are Guinness World records for typing with one’s nose, blowing a (green) pea the furthest and also for the most watermelons chopped on the stomach. The list is definitely quite long! We recently came across another fascinating world record, featuring a food item many of us are familiar with. What’s more, there’s an Indian connection that we can’t help but feel proud of. Guinness World Records recently posted a video on their Twitter page, showing a man cracking more than 200 walnuts in a minute – that too with his head.
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In the video, we see a man using his head to crack walnuts lined up on a table in an outdoor setting. His sheer speed kept our eyes glued to the screen. According to the official website, the world record of 273 walnuts cracked with the head in one minute is held by Naveen Kumar S in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India. His achievement is dated 30 April 2023. The website also specifies that Naveen previously held a Guinness World Records title in the field of martial arts. Watch the complete video below:

Another record-breaking video was grabbing eyeballs online, just a few days back. A woman from the US made headlines when she broke the record for the loudest burp. Yes, you read that right! According to the official Guinness World Record website, Kimberly Winter’s bellowing belch measured 107.3 decibels (dB) – the previous record of 107 decibels had been achieved by Italy’s Elsa Cagoni in 2009. Read the full story here.
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