No matter which part of the world you are in, it can be said that the restaurant industry is in dire shortage of employees. Long working hours, low compensation, lack of work-life balance and minimal perks are some of the reasons why this industry faces a quick labour turnover. This is especially true for fast food outlets and quick-service restaurants. A restaurant in Singapore, however, decided to do things differently for their prospective employees. They put up a hiring notice and the amazing perks they were offering made the internet sit up and take notice. Take a look:

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The poster was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user @GabbarSingh. “A recruitment poster outside a restaurant here in SGP. Look at the perks,” he said. The picture has received over 76k views and hundreds of comments and likes.
In the poster, we could see a restaurant named Ajumma advertising its vacancies for ‘Service Crew’ and ‘Kitchen Crew’. For part time employees, the pay was in 10-15 Singapore dollars (about Rs 610) hour while full time crew would get paid 2,750 to 3,300 Singapore dollars (Rs 1.67 lakh approximately). Apart from this, employees would be entitled to a host of benefits including yearly dental benefits, medical insurance coverage, sponsorship for studies, annual incremental leave and meal provisions.
A number of reactions poured into the post by the X user. “If only such companies or benefits are here, people would flock to do jobs anytime,” said one user. Another argued, “In reality the employee has to keep only 2000SG and return the balance 2000SG in cash to the employer. No wonder the living condition of mid-level hotel employees are pathetic.” Take a look at the reactions:

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