Peter Kay reveals One of Proudest Moments in his career
Peter Kay reveals ‘One of Proudest Moments’ in his career

Peter Kay reflected on the proudest moment of his life which he considered the ‘greatest honours’ of his career as he was being asked to appear as a guest on the legendary chat show Parkinson.

In the 90s, Peter Kay, at the age of 50 now, started his career as the warm-up act on Sir Michael Parkinson’s show. This paved the way for his big break, leading to his role as the writer and star of That Peter Kay Thing. 

Later on, he received an invitation to return as a guest on ‘Parkinson’ for the final episode before the retirement of Sir Michael, who sadly passed away at the age of 88 in August this year.

Peter featured on the chat show alongside a star-studded line-up of David Beckham, Sir Michael Caine, Sir David Attenborough, and Sir Billy Connolly.

Recalling the appearance, which saw him bring party hats and do a comedy skit with Sir Michael, Peter described it as one of the ‘biggest honours’ of his career.

Peter also confessed to feeling very nervous before his appearance on the show because he felt apprehensive about doing his comedy alongside fellow stand-up Sir Billy.

According to The Sun, in his new book TV: Big Adventures On The Small Screen, Peter wrote: ‘One of the biggest honours of my career was being asked as a guest on the final episode of Parkinson just before he retired.

‘Immediately I said yes, then I panicked when they told me whothe line-up was going to be. David Beckham, Sir Michael Caine, Sir David Attenborough and Sir Billy Connolly. How could I be on with Billy Connolly?

‘It’s Billy Connolly – he’s one of the best comedians there’s ever been.’

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