King Charles enlists Princess Kates help to deal with Prince Harry rift
King Charles enlists Princess Kate’s help to deal with Prince Harry rift 

King Charles is reportedly holding out hope that Kate Middleton could be an intermediary in the rift between Prince William and Prince Harry.

Speaking to Ok!, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond shared the 75-year-old monarch keeps his daughter-in-law in high regard.

“Charles probably held out hopes that Kate might be an intermediary in the rift between William and Harry – after all, Harry once described her as ‘the sister he never had’”, she recounted.

And though the mom of three has found it “impossible so far,” the King ensures that she is involved in “key decisions about how to deal with the Harry situation,” according to Bond.

“I suspect the King values her opinion very highly, especially since Kate herself has come under attack from Meghan,” the expert continued.

“I’m sure Charles’ biggest hope would be to have both his sons and daughters-in-law at his side, but that’s clearly not going to happen in the foreseeable future, which makes Kate such an important member of the King’s inner circle and such a lynchpin in the institution of monarchy,” she explained.

“The fact that she has such a happy and secure relationship with William is a huge comfort to the King. Not only is he very fond of Kate, but he’s proud of the way she has stepped confidently into the key role she now holds,” Bond added. 

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