‘Barbie’ cast address movie’s costumes designing process in behind-the-scenes clip: Watch

Barbie cast have recently given a peek into their colourful costumes designed for the movie by Jacqueline Durran.

Warner Bros. Pictures shared behind-the-scenes clip of Barbie movie with PEOPLE after the highest-grossing movie made its debut on digital on September 12.

In a clip, director Greta Gerwig, Durran and costars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling address the process behind the movie’s costumes.

Gerwig said, “I think rule 1 of Barbie Land is you just always have the right outfit on.”

Durran remarked, “It’s quite difficult to know how to approach this because the character is Barbie, and Barbie can be anything. She can represent any person, any profession, anything.”

The clip also showcased Durran working with Gerwig and the movie’s ensemble cast in Barbie Land, and also made different sketches of what should be the character’ final look in the movie.

Barbie cast address movie’s costumes designing process in behind-the-scenes clip: Watch

Gosling pointed out, “Especially in this film, costumes are everything. Unless you’re dressed for it, you’re not doing it. There’s a meme out right now that says ‘the costume designer for Barbie deserves a free pass to heaven.’ I agree.”

Durran, however, mentioned, “The main thing that separates Barbies from humans is every time you see a Barbie, she’s fully dressed for a purpose.”

Gerwig remarked, “The one thing that really helped was having big details, like big buttons, big earrings, big necklaces. There’s something about the big chunkiness that made her look more doll-like.”

In the end, Durran added, “Each of the actresses would choose something that would be expressive of their character. In a way, what we’re talking about is how you would want to represent yourself as a woman.”

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