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Just when you thought we had made progress by exposing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and critical race theory (CRT)-infused curricula throughout our education system, we now have a new distraction: the climate change agenda. 

States like New Jersey, California, Connecticut, New York, and others, are advancing legislation to require climate change lessons in every K-12 subject – including foreign languages, math and physical education.

This blatant attempt to cultivate an entire generation of Greta Thunbergs at a time when proficiency levels are abysmal should incite outrage among parents, teachers, and students. 

Greta Thunberg

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks during a demonstration in Stockholm, Sweden, on Oct. 22, 2021. (Erik Simander/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images)

Just 29% of eighth graders are proficient in reading, 26% are proficient in math, 22% are proficient in civics, and a measly 13% are proficient in American history, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). 


While climate change deserves attention in science classes, other important subjects should not be used as a vehicle to push a political agenda.

As the first state to integrate climate change standards across all subjects, New Jersey provides a glimpse into the climate curricula. According to the New Jersey Department of Education, all curricula must “approach climate change and climate solutions from a climate justice perspective.” What this looks like in practice is an unabashed indoctrination effort.

In foreign language courses, students will learn about “global citizenry” and the “impact of climate change.” In math, teachers must actively incorporate climate change into word problems, charts and graphs. In social studies, students will learn about climate change, “all for the purpose of planning/proposing advocacy projects to inform others about the impact of climate change.” 

New Jersey’s physical education standards reference climate change eight times, but never mention the danger of obesity. There are four standards related to climate change and only two regarding the importance of healthy eating habits. The indoctrination is evident in these new learning standards.

Manipulating young minds inhibits academic growth and stifles skills such as critical analysis and problem-solving. Indoctrination restrains independent thought and pushes a one-sided perspective – but that is the point.

At the same time that our public schools are indoctrinating the next generation to pledge allegiance to the climate change doctrine, the Biden administration and its allies are pushing misguided climate policies that kill jobs, waste taxpayer money, drive up prices, and artificially manipulate our economy. Our youngest minds are being trained to serve as activists for Big Government power grabs.

Furthermore, infusing climate change into every subject shortchanges our children from the quality education they deserve. Each subject is important in shaping well-rounded, informed students. When these subjects are treated as mere vehicles to push a political agenda, students receive only diluted versions of the foundational skills of each subject area. 


For example, when foreign languages are manipulated to promote climate agendas, linguistic proficiency is overshadowed. Physical education promotes health and active lifestyles, but when climate change eclipses topics like obesity prevention, it undermines vital health education. Math is essential for logical reasoning and problem-solving. 

Social studies focuses on history and governance, which is necessary to cultivate an informed citizenry. Forcing climate change advocacy within social studies undermines the subject, especially when students possess limited knowledge about the fundamental principles and are unable to pass a basic citizenship exam.

This push to codify climate change-infused subject matter in all subjects comes amid a stark decline in our education system, highlighted by historic lows in student performance. Climate change curricula shifts the focus away from the essential material that needs to be taught and serves as a distraction to divert our attention away from our failing schools. It is an attempt to create activists rather than foster critical thinkers capable of analyzing complex issues from multiple perspectives.


It is time for parents, teachers and concerned citizens to reclaim our education system from those who prioritize political indoctrination over genuine learning. 

Young minds deserve genuine education. We must demand an immediate end to the politicization of curricula and insist on an education that empowers students to become informed, engaged, and responsible citizens.


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